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Taped at the EVERLAST Studio, in New York City, The Fight Cave takes you inside the Fight game through in depth discussions and interviews with top fighters and industry insiders. A focus on MMA, but a love for all combat sports... if it has to do with Fighting, you can find it in The Fight Cave. Hosted by Matt Culley. Matt, a Long Island, NY native, is a longtime Martial Artist and fight fan, with years of experience in the fight industry. His background includes fighting, competing, owning a Martial Arts school, training with fighters, managing fighters, and founding combat sports site Matt is also a Brown belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.
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Oct 25, 2017

After his recent TKO win at UFC Fight Night 118, Brian “BOOM” Kelleher gets on the phone with Matt Culley.  Brian is a Featherweight from NY, and this was his third fight in the UFC.  Matt asks about his previous loss against Marlon Vera at UFC Long Island, and Brian describes that feeling after losing in his backyard, and how his training camp went to prepare for Fight Night 118 in Poland. He explains what he likes about floating and how it helped him for this fight. He talks about his next possible fight, plans for the future, and what he thinks of TJ Dillashaw VS Cody Garbrandt.  Matt asks him the Fight Cave 5.

Then, it’s time for Fight News with Kyle.  Kyle covers what endeavors the UFC is looking to take on next, 5 Round fights, and a winner take all contract. He talks about some big losses including Heather Hardy’s and Donald Cerrone’s. They talk about the likes of Demian Maia VS Colby Covington and former guest, Jared Gordon against Hacran Dias at UFC Fight Night: Brunson VS Machida.

Oct 23, 2017

Matt has an exclusive, eye opening conversation with UFC fighter, Gregor Gillespie, inside The Fight Cave, taped at the Everlast studio. Gregor talks about his recent win by submission, his beast training partner Andre Harrison, and improved striking thanks to Keith Trimble at Bellmore Kickboxing.

Gregor explains his addictive personality, and dives into his elite wrestling career where he was 130-1 in high school.  He shares how he became sober after years of substance abuse while wrestling in high school and college, and what the pivotal moment in his life was. He talks about the lows he endured, how he got to MMA, and how he lives his life now to have the success he is having. 

Matt asks Gregor what's in store for the future, and Gregor gives him a 5 year projection before The Fight Cave 5 and some inspiration advice from Gregor.

Oct 18, 2017

After the successful Rise Submission Invitational 2 event, champions Jason Rau and Nick Ronan come in to talk about their matches.  Both came from training at Renzo Gracie's in Manhattan and have their belts under Matt Serra BJJ. These guys dish all about grappling: the popularity of tournaments, the evolution of heel hooks, Gary Tonon, John Danaher, and their favorite techniques.  

Sergio calls in to talk about his match against UFC's #7 Bantamweight: Aljamain Sterling, as well as the great production of Rise 2.

Fight News with Kyle covers fight announcements for Aljo and Edson Barboza, recaps Rise 2, and what's next for Gary Tonon.

Oct 11, 2017

Matt hosts a roundtable talk about weight cutting with Fight Shape Tony Ricci, NYS Kickboxing Champion & Glory fighter Jennie Nedell, & 3x European Kickboxing Champion Daria Anne Albers.  Daria shares what her team was like for 12 years, the horrible condition she has been in before a fight to make weight, and the difference fighting in different divisions.  Daria is now a coach, having gone back to school for psychology to learn the connection between her mind and body to understand what she went through. Tony explains the differences of weight cuts for both genders, to which Jennie and Daria speak to as they are currently on Tony's program.  Jennie fights on Friday at Combat at the Capitale in NYC. She explains from her perspective weight cut differences for men and women.

Fight News with Kyle talks about Mark Hunter's CTE damage, the results from UFC 216 with D. Johnson & Ferguson, and the newest grappling match to occur at Rise Submission Invitational II with Aljamain Sterling VS Sergio DaSilva.

Oct 9, 2017

Matt welcomes Jimmie Rivera back to The Fight Cave to talk about his upcoming fight against Dominick Cruz at UFC 219 on 12/30/17! Jimmie sheds light on this fight and why he makes the most sense to fight Cruz. Matt asks Jimmie about training with Tiger Schulmans, and Jimmie explains his long time ties to the gym and the one he is currently running in Manhattan.  He gives a good insight into the business side of MMA and the work that goes into running your own business. He talks about principles and lessons he learned from MMA and Tiger Schulmans, and attributes his success to both.  Jimmie will be inducted to the NJ Hall of Fame on 12/1/17! Matt closes with a new set of questions for The Fight Cave 5 including Jimmie's best moment in MMA!

Oct 4, 2017

Matt calls up Joe "Diesel" Riggs, an MMA vet, and professional competitor since 2001, Riggs formerly competed for the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator, ProElite & King of the Cage. 

Riggs will be competing at the Submission Rise 2 event on 10/15 in NY against Pete "Drago" Sell.  He talks about his training, his upcoming fight for M1 Global on 10/27. Riggs also opens up about his tough time in the UFC, his consideration of retirement, signing with Bellator, how his parent's divorce helped him find combat sports, and what he's learned about being an MMA fighter for 16 years.

Riggs shares his shortcomings, the tough aspects of being a fighter, and more insight of what it's like being Joe "Diesel" Riggs that you may not expect.

Fight News with Kyle announces Frankie Edgar's next fight, Liam McGeary's new opponent now that King Mo dropped out, Sapo's retirement, the Vegas tragedy, and rumors about Anthony Johnson's potential UFC return.