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Jun 29, 2017

Matt & Sergio "The Scale Assassin" talk about Bellator 180 in NYC.  Sergio tells us about weigh-ins, and his fight.  They talk about the highlights of the card, including former TFC guest, Heather Hardy. Sergio has a new favorite fighter and talks about what it was like fighting at The Garden. They then recap the UFC fights from the weekend, including former TFC guest, Jared Gordon's UFC debut.

TJ Dillashaw, UFC fighter, calls in to talk about training with his new coaches in CA, and leaving Denver. Matt & Serg ask about behind the scenes at The Ultimate Fighter, how all the drama with Team Alpha Male really started, his weight cutting and lifestyle change for fighting in different weight classes, and his new company making healthier seasonings.

Jun 19, 2017

Matt, Fight Shape Tony, and Former WBO Junior Welterweight Champ, Chris Algieri link up to discuss various theories on performance training for boxing.  They talk about the importance of endurance and conditioning for boxing, and compare to other sports.  They also comment on strength, speed, and power and how it can be built and affected during training.  Listen in to learn how you can manipulate your training to achieve your goals!

Jun 14, 2017

Serg & Matt discuss their past week and the latest including Mayweather VS Mcgregor, Bellator NYC, Hunt vs Lewis results, Matchmaker Minute: Mark Hunt, and thoughts on Fight Night 111: Holmes vs Corriea.

Brian Kelleher is in studio to talk about his upcoming fight at UFC on FOX 25 in Long Island, NY on July 22.  The crew talks about his awesome submission win that Sergio predicted on The Fight Cave, and how Brian got to the UFC.  "Boom" talks about fighting, nerves, confidence, and the power of his mental state as a professional fighter.

Fight News with Kyle talks about Bellator's new commentator signings and Mayweather VS McGregor.

Jun 6, 2017

Matt & Sergio talk about their weeks and the past weekend's fights.  Matt shares some exciting news about two of the fighters he manages. Then, they break down the main card for UFC Fight Night:110: Lewis VS Hunt, and do Matchmaker Minute for Max Holloway.

Guest Frankie Perez, UFC Lightweight, talks about his upcoming match against Chris Wade at UFC on Fox 25 in Long Island, NY on July 22. The guys ask him about this rematch after fighting Wade at the Ring of Combat.  Frankie also tells us about how he got into MMA, his past fights, his 1 year retirement/hiatus, enjoying life, his family, his team, and much more!  

Fight News with Kyle Antonelli talks about Demetrious Johnson, Dana White, and TJ Dillashaw debacle.

Jun 5, 2017

Steve Maraboli is a life-changing Speaker, bestselling Author, and Behavioral Scientist.  He joins Matt, Tony, and Sergio to talk about how fighting and MMA is changing both as a sport and as a business.  He analyzes fighters' human behavior and instincts, accrediting Darwinism in many cases.  The crew speaks about the effects marketing has on fighters, especially in promotions like UFC.  

This episode packs knowledge and inspiration in just 30 minutes!

May 30, 2017

Matt & Sergio bring back The Fight Cave's beloved guest, Katlyn "BlondeFighter" Chookagian, and her coach and boyfriend, Kyle Cerminara joins, as well!  Katlyn talks about recovering from her shoulder injury, stories from the UFC Athlete Retreat, and the new 125 lb women's division.  

The crew makes their picks for UFC 212: Jose Aldo VS Max Holloway happening 6/3/17 in Brazil. Katlyn trains with Marlon Moraes, so they break down that match in depth.

Kyle & Katlyn answer The Fight Cave 5, providing great advice for new fighters, a crazy training story, and much more!

May 24, 2017

Matt & Serg recap the latest in MMA, including Bellator 179: MacDonald VS Daley, the UFC Athlete Retreat, UFC Future Match Ups, Mayweather VS McGregor updates, and talk about writer Nick Dwyer's latest UFC article.  

John Gotti Jr. and his brother Frankie Gotti join the show to talk MMA, boxing, and growing up with the Gotti last name.  John trains with Sergio at LAW MMA, and has a record of 5-1, and plans to go pro this September. They answer The Fight Cave 5, which you will not want to miss!

May 22, 2017

Matt Culley & Fight Shape Tony Ricci talk about California State Athletic Commission's new 10 point plan to combat extreme weight-cutting and severe dehydration.  They go through each point, discussing the pros and cons for MMA fighters, promoters, match makers, and the like.

Tune it to get a quick look at where MMA is going, and how the sport is evolving.

May 17, 2017

Matt & Serg start the show off recapping UFC 211, and then dive into fight predictions for Bellator 179: Rory MacDonald VS Paul Daley this Saturday.

Jarrell AKA Big Baby is a Heavyweight boxer and former kickboxer, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Jarrell strolls into studio with his wife and talks boxing.  The Fight Cave rehashes the #JoshuaKlitschko fight, which leads to Matchmaker Minute for Jarrell.

They talk about Big Baby's training in Florida, as well as in NY, with MMA fighters, and boxing legends like Holyfield.  He talks about his other business ventures, including a reality TV show in the making!  Before the crew says bye to Big Baby, he answers The Fight Cave Five.

Fight news with Kyle covers the new California MMA guidelines for safer practices that mostly concern the specifics of cutting and making weight.

May 10, 2017

Azunna "Zulu" Anyanwu, CFFC Heavyweight, joins The Fight Cave.  They jump right into Matchmaker Minute for Zu, targeting guys at the next level for him.  

The crew actually talks a little boxing, commenting on Canelo VS Chavez Jr.

Zu talks about his training, eating habits, living the heavyweight lifestyle, going Live, and fight predictions for UFC 211.

Then they get Arias, the CFFC Matchmaker, on the line to talk about the May 20th card and crack some jokes. They jump off the line, and Zu answers The Fight Cave 5.

They wrap up the show with Fight News, covering the announcement of the women's 125lb division in the UFC and Dana White's response to Anderson Silva.

May 8, 2017

Taped at Longo-Weidman MMA, Matt & Tony are joined by the well respected MMA coach, Ray Longo.  They talk about how crucial fight week is, even after months of training.  They discuss the effects of the mental, emotional, and physical duress in the final week up to the fighter's "game day".  Ray talks about fighters like Matt Serra and Chris Weidman.

May 2, 2017

Shane "Hurricane" Burgos (9-0) enters The Fight Cave after his recent TKO win at UFC 210 against Charles Rosa.

Shane talks about being a new father, his high school diving career, battling scoliosis, and his love for fighting. They talk about the upcoming fights at UFC 211, making their predictions, and call out who Shane should fight next in July! Shane then answers The Fight Cave 5, showing his long time love for MMA.

Fight News with Kyle covers all the MMA rumors, including GSP fighting at MSG, Chuck Liddell's UFC comeback, and Anderson Silva's early retirement.

Apr 26, 2017

The Fight Cave has David Branch on the show to talk about his return to the UFC and his upcoming fight at UFC 211 on May 13.  David is the Former WSOF Middleweight & Light Heavyweight Champion, currently ranked as the #9 Middleweight in the world, born & raised in the Bronx, a black belt in BJJ (trained by Renzo Gracie himself), and has been a professional MMA fighter since '07.

David gives inspiring advice to fighters, talks about his MMA career including past fights against Anthony Rumble Johnson, and gives a full profile review on his next opponent (unexpected criteria!).

Matt, Sergio, & David break down the fights from the previous UFC Fight Night and give their predictions for UFC 211.

David answers The Fight Cave 5 just before Matt & Sergio sign off as never heard before!

Apr 24, 2017

On this special episode, Matt, Tony, Chris & Rob talk everything boxing -the sport, the history, boxers, movies, sports nutrition, fight performance and much more!  

Chris Algieri is a Professional Boxer, Sports Nutritionist, and Head Performance Nutrition Coach.  Rob Wildman is Dymatize's Chief Scientific Officer.  

Rob gives more information on Dymatize's supplements, the science behind their products, and how they invest in athletes and coaches.  Chris shares some of his nutrition tips, supplement favorites, and some exciting news about his career. 

Apr 18, 2017

Matt & Sergio have Burt Watson rollllll in for Episode 25!  The former "babysitter" to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars is now at Alliance MMA as Director of Fighter Relations.  He talks about his career, starting as a manager to legendary boxer, Joe Frazier, in his hometown (Philly) to how he got into the MMA game.  He talks about the boxers he has worked with including Mike Tyson, the Klitschko brothers, Bernard Hopkins, Zab Judah, and Mayweather.  

Burt shares his stories behind the scenes about the fighters and the shows he's worked on, his view on boxing VS MMA, and gives his opinion on Mayweather VS McGregor.  

Fight News with Kyle Antonelli fills us in on some exciting changes at WSOF.  Matt thanks listeners with an Everlast Powerlocks Giveaway by writing a quick review of TFC on iTunes! 

Tune in to this fun episode to get more history about the fight industry, insider info, and some funny stories.


Apr 17, 2017

Matt & Fight Shape Tony are joined by TFC's very own Sergio DaSilva for this episode all about your mental state and how it can affect your performance and conditioning in a professional MMA fight or really any physical event.  Tony indicates the importance of warming up, and goes into detail with various factors of your mental state that impact your physical state.

Tony has some great points he explains, including:

-Mind Over Muscle

-Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

-Seeing a great fight camp go to hell on fight night

Tune in to hear how to get in the right mindset to capitalize on all your hard work in the gym!

Apr 12, 2017

Lyman Good, UFC Welterweight, joined Matt & Sergio in studio for this episode.  They talked about Lyman's false PED usage, his vindication, and ability to reenter the cage after 4/23.  Of course, weight cutting is discussed which leads to another good story from Sergio and his pursuit to try intermittent fasting.

They breakdown UFC 210 and Lyman gives his answers to the Fight Cave 5 with a heartfelt message to up and coming fighters.

Andre "The Bull" Harrison pops in after as the new World Series of Fighting Featherweight champ, after his win against Lance Palmer.  He talks about the fight, his sports psychologist, future fights, and gives his insight on some of the UFC 210 card, too!

Apr 5, 2017

Matt & Sergio analyze the whole UFC 210 card, looking at each fighter's past and assessing their skills before they predict who will come out victorious.  Sergio recaps Bellator 175 and King Mo's win over Rampage Jackson.

They also talk about UFC 213, where Robbie Lawler will face Donald Cowboy Cerrone. Matchmaker minute calls out fights for Jared Gordon, Dillon Danis, and Rampage Jackson.

Fight News covers King Mo's options to go to the UFC or retire, as well as Lyman Good's return to the cage.

Apr 3, 2017

Matt & Tony discuss the various factors that affect your punching power.  Tony instructs which exercises can help increase your punching power, and comments on kicking power, as well.  Listen to hear how you can improve your power! Head over to @TheFightCave on Instagram for the instructional video of the #1 best exercise to help with power.

Mar 30, 2017

Matt holds The Fight Cave fort down, while Sergio is in Chicago for Bellator 175 cornering Marcos "Loro" Galvao.  Guest Co-host, Chris Zoller, Director of Marketing & Product Development at Everlast, and huge MMA fan, tries out Sergio's chair.  They talk about Jon Jones' imminent comeback, his past fights, outside factors, and #TeamEverlast stories.

They transition to GSP and his comeback, as well as Bisping's ultimatum, and what their fight would look like. With that, they talk about the youth of MMA as a sport and the disadvantages fighters face health wise.  For the MMA industry, Matt & Chris comment on Bellator's recent moves, and upcoming card in June at MSG. They discuss their appreciation for Chael Sonnen's ?*$! talking and much more!

They get Sergio on the line for his updates and fight predictions.

Fight News with Kyle touches upon Bellator and Paige VanZant.

Mar 22, 2017

Matt & Sergio recap UFC London & WSOF 35, give their fight predictions for UFC 210, and chat about Bellator's upcoming June card.  They also do a Matchmaker Minute, where they choose which fighters would be best paired.  Sergio delivers a new idea for MMA fights: Strength of Schedule.  Matt brings up Dana's comments on McGregor VS Mayweather, and they talk about why and how it would go.

Fight News with Kyle talks more about Bellator and more! 

Mar 21, 2017

Matt Culley takes a trip to Longo-Weidman Law MMA to talk to MMA Trainer, Ray Longo, & Professional Kickboxer, Jennie Nedell.   Longo is a well-respected and renown MMA trainer, who trained Matt Serra, the only man to knock out Georges St-Pierre. He trains Weidman, who knocked out Anderson Silva, considered the greatest fighter of all time. 

Jennie Nedell competed in Kickboxing and Muay Thai, and helps Ray manage fighters.

The three discuss their backgrounds, training fighters, Chris Weidman's upcoming fight as well as Al Iaquinta's.  They talk about MMA personalities and it effects for the sport.  Top fighters discussed are Ronda Rousey, GSP, and Conor McGregor.

Mar 20, 2017

Matt & Fight Shape Tony talk about supplements: the purpose, what to look for in a supplement and in the brand, as well as what they do, and how it affects performance for the everyday person, as well as professional athletes.

They call Chris Algieri, professional boxer and Nutritionist to Danny Jacobs.  Tony & Chris each give their Top 5 supplements and explain the benefits.  Chris also gives a Tip from the Pros about a certain supplement. Tony & Chris also go over their Top 3 Favorite Supplement Brands that they trust and have years of experience with.  Finally, they recommend the #1 supplement for the general population, as well as for an athlete.

Mar 15, 2017

Matt and Sergio call out Chael Sonnen.  After settling down, they talk about the upcoming fights and make their fight predictions for UFC Fight Night: Manuwa VS Anderson and World Series of Fighting 35 both on Saturday, 3/18/17.  

Sergio gives TFC a new name: "Mystic Cave" after pranking Jared "Flash" Gordon, minutes after he signed his contract with UFC.

Fight News with Kyle goes over a new penalty California put in place for missing weight, a new strategy Bellator is implementing by signing top grapplers, and other news in MMA.

Mar 13, 2017

On this episode, Tony joins EA from the road, where he is working with fighters on planning their weight cuts.  Matt & Fight Shape Tony discuss a current hot topic in the world of Mixed Martial Arts: weight-cutting.  With more and more fighters dropping out of fights due to weight cutting issues, there seems to be a growing demand for a solution to this problem. Who's fault is it though?  Is it the fighter's or the team's fault?  What, if any, are the long term negative effects associated with an improper weight cut?  

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